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​​a bit about me

Using found objects in my work is important to me. broken skateboards, saws, and metal finds a home in my studio. Showcasing the rust, decay, wear and tear, of these objects show the life it has lived. There is an energetic story in these objects and by leaving some of it exposed I co-create with that history.

I believe the change everything goes through as time passes is beautiful, it represents impermanence. I hope to examine that beauty and highlight it in my work.
Why do i love the Fly? Humans are dichotomous by nature. We often have conflicting feelings and reactions occurring simultaneously within us. Creation and destruction. The Fly is symbolic of that.
Regardless of how you feel about my work, I hope it makes you feel.
Here is my patreon site if you want to be a patron to support the creation of my art!
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