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Hitting The Road

My family and I are traveling in an RV for the summer. We just hit the road today! About an hour ago!

My kids are psyched that we are driving our house and my 3 year old son said "WOW we are going so fast!"

We aren't going fast, we are going about 55 miles an hour, because it's heavy. But it feels like we are moving fast into the unknown. We left our house behind to be rented by a bunch of strangers all summer.

I hope they take care of it, I hope we come home to a sanctuary and not a mess. But can't worry about that now!

We will be staying with friends and in campsites along the way. Taking advantage of which is a wonderful community of people who used to or still do RV and will let you stay on their land.

I brought my art supplies and my lathe, so I'm a traveling artist now. I've started sculpting with Blender for the show that's coming up. Yep it's still 111 pieces, but I'm hoping to print 3D prints of my digital sculptures and paint the backgrounds. Going to try something different.

Thanks for listening!



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