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RV Jamboree - Day 6

We are heading to Louisville, KY. This will be the first big city we have entered, and it's strange the things I think about in this new climate. THE COVID CLIMATE. To be dramatic.

It feels a little less safe with more people around, we aren't going anywhere but our friend's house tonight, my Uncle's house tomorrow night, then back to our friend's for one more night. I should have some good pics on my RV Instagram after this.

I separated my Instagrams from art and RV because I have a lot of aspects to my life. People who are mostly interested in my art, I assume, will only want to see that aspect. People interested in RVing will want that.

This brings up the subject of the self and what we present to the world, and why. We all have multiple dimensions to us but it seems to me people enjoy a simplified persona in others. Less dimensional, then we can layer on our own interpretation. The closeness one person perceives with another is strengthened by the projection of their own psychi to kind of "round-out" the flattened personality. And people like to feel close to another.

I don't know.

Anyway, TTYL,


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