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Understanding Space Time

There is an unprecedented level of volatility in the United States. When the sun sets in most major cities riots begin. This is in response to the murder of George Floyd in an already volatile cultural climate ready to detonate.

While all this is happening, in the slow fade of the COVID-19 pandemic panic, my family and I are traveling across the country in an RV. While people in this country feel their freedoms being restricted and constricted I find myself feeling more free then I have ever felt. It's the biggest irony my life has ever expressed.

While the country is in chaos, our life is simpler. We have peaceful nights, nestled in the sounds of nature. We smell like campfire and are led by our whims to our next destination. At intervals we are privileged with the companionship of old friends, family, and new friends we meet along the way. The linear nature of my life is emphasized by the highways we take to our next destination. Time has become less relative while points on a map have become our new calendar. Our day is measured in small doses, but we more acuity know the space between our goals.

I don't know what the future holds for this country. I can't see those map points yet. I know we will keep moving forward and that space will envelope us when we reach it.

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